Photograph by Jennifer Adams

In “Northwest Dissonance”, the inaugural exhibition at Moss + Mineral, six artists present work that subtly rubs against the grain of prevailing stereotypes about our region and its personality “type”. Artists Regina Chang, Kristin Giordano, Jennifer Adams, Janette Ryan, Malcolm McLaren, and Lisa Kinoshita present work that is at once familiar, yet oddly dissonant with, the halcyon image of the Pacific Northwest as a place altogether as chipper, dog-loving, and outdoorsy as an REI ad. Instead, these works are intimate meditations on loss and loneliness, the graceful architecture of nature, the power of the sea to give life and take it away, the cloak of unfamiliarity that shrouds even the most recognizable of places when viewed through the lens of an inquisitive photographer.

And even though the rub is gentle, it may deposit a few slivers in the psyche.

Moss + Mineral is not a white-walled gallery, but something more like an orderly living room, circa 1965; one small room simply furnished with chairs, tables, plants and a lot of vintage and designed objects to pick up and enjoy (and buy, if you so please). The art is interwoven naturally throughout, as it would be in an individual’s living room.

"Ready" by Jennifer Adams

“Cirrus Equus”, Adams’ installation at the Woolworth Windows in Tacoma.

The artist I’d first like to introduce is Jennifer Adams, a person who is attuned to horses, and captures their most delicate gestures in her sculptures. Her exquisite equines, made from hand-torn, tea-stained paper, made their first appearance in a site specific art installation for Spaceworks Tacoma in 2012. The inspiration was the death of a dog (story here). The horses, though only about a foot high, have a unique sensitivity and lively delicacy about them. They group in the same way real horses do. They also elicit a sense of tenuousness and aloneness, for they embody the awareness that every living creature, having reached its prime, must submit to the process of decline and ultimately, death. But for a moment at least, there is perfection.

We are proud to display Jennifer’s sculptures in “Northwest Dissonance” through January 15, 2014.  ~Lisa Kinoshita

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