Chandler O’Leary created the box as well as images for the playing cards.

The Tacoma Artist Playing Cards are here – we know what we’ll be stuffing stockings with this season! Launched in 2012 through a sensational Kickstarter campaign, this one-of-a-kind poker deck is loaded with original art: 14 local artists depicting 52 Tacoma locations and 2 jokers. Shuffle the deck to find your favorite Tacoma landmarks, as well as some quirky and colorful new ones.

Choose from classic blue or red playing cards – each pack features a different roster of 14 artists. These poker tournament-quality decks were produced by The United States Playing Card Company which distributes classic brands such as Hoyle, Bicycle and Bee. Collectively, the artists commissioned to design the images weave together some of the most interesting stories in the history of Tacoma.

You can own one of these pocket portfolios for just $20!


Brian Hutcheson, “LeMay America’s Car Museum”

Art Chantry
Audra Laymon
Brian Hutcheson
Britton Sukys
Chandler O’Leary
Chris Sharp
Elise Richman
Jessica Spring
Kristin Giordano
Lance Kagey
Meghan Mitchell
Otto Youngers
RR Anderson
Shaun Peterson


Jeremy Mangan, "Galloping Gertie"

Jeremy Mangan, “Galloping Gertie”

Chandler O’Leary
Chuck Knigge
David Boe
Betty Sapp Ragan
Jeremy Mangan
Karen Doten
Maria Jost
Marit Berg
Mary Mann
Michaela Eaves
Noah Struthers
Ric Matthies
Sean Alexander
Stanley Shaw

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