After just three weeks in business, most of the big pieces of mid-century modern furniture at Moss + Mineral have sold, which means – it’s time for a new vignette! This time, the space revolves around a large portrait of a man’s head, executed in shades of blue, by artist Gary Reel in 1985. Reel was an eminent Seattle art critic and curator at the time, while also producing his own art. The blue pastel portrait is as deliciously vibrant today as it was then.

The mood for Vignette #2: The Blue Hour is cool and contemporary – including the most tasteful + ingeniously designed club chair we’ve seen. You know how it is to discover something so wonderfully made it makes you smile, then guffaw, then laugh out loud? That’s what this chair does for me (and a few discerning friends who have seen it). It is a clean, extra-wide square – more of a rectangle, actually – with a single cushion that folds into an S-shape from back to seat. Not only is this swanky seating understated, but it swivels. Not only does it turn smoothly, making conversation over cocktails seem ever so natural, but it folds out into a single bed. Not only that, but the bed legs are concealed in such a clever, invisible way that it can’t help but elicit smiles/laughter/guffaws of pure admiration from design junkies.

We think 007 would have made this discreet wonder his chair of choice. We have two of them.

Also of note: the new teak side table in the window. We love this sleek double-decker for its modern Danish design, elegant proportions and warm hue. A beautiful addition to any living room or study.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but the camera has gone m.i.a. You’ll just have to drop by and take a look! Happy Thanksgiving! M+M

~ Lisa Kinoshita

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