Artful neckwear by Virginia Bunker. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Artful neckwear by Virginia Bunker. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Haberdashery for Her: the Silk Tie Necklace

Being a fashion-minded female, every several years I’ll be seized by a fit of style kleptomania, during which I’ll need to raid a man’s closet for a coveted item: dress shirt, cashmere sweater, jean jacket, feather-tipped fedora. Iconic fashion designs have lifecycles, and who wouldn’t want a much beloved original on the upswing?

One item that looks absolutely snap on women is a rich, luxurious, silk men’s tie – and thanks to local designer, Virginia Bunker, one no longer has to recon the closet when boyfriend, dad or brother isn’t looking.

Self-portrait by Virginia Bunker.

Virginia rockin’ her necklace.

Sure, men’s ties look great on women – but Virginia has gone one better by transforming them into a lovely, understated accessory intended expressly for women of style. She has sourced beautiful vintage silk neckties by Studio 54-era greats such as Ungaro and Versace, and given them new life as witty “beaded” necklaces. And not any old beads per se, but mysteriously silk enrobed ones that are cocooned inside the neckwear. The tie’s tails are left free, so you can use your imagination in knotting it, and adjusting length to taste.

How to tie a tie. Photo: Virginia Bunker

How to tie a tie. Photo: Virginia Bunker

“I admire dapper gentleman who take care with the little details, including beautiful neckwear,” says Virginia, a fashion editor who has more style in her little finger than I have in my closet, and writes a fab blog called The Immaterialist. “Now, as necklaces these accessories are ready for a second life around the neck of a stylish woman. They can be worn with just about anything from a tee shirt to a tailored jacket. The attitude is all in how you tie them on. I prefer a big asymmetrical bow that hits around my left collarbone, but there’s no right or wrong way to wear these. That’s part of the fun.”

Come to Moss + Mineral soon and try on one of these gorgeous creations – there are so many ways to drape and twist them, you’ll add your own signature spin to the wearing. It’s a fabulous piece, and the tie-wearing men in your life will be relieved…  ~ Lisa Kinoshita

Meet Virginia at her Moss + Mineral trunk show on Thursday, February 20, 4-8pm. She’ll have a full range of unique accessories on display!

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