Nude by Michael Kaniecki

Tempera drawing by Michael Kaniecki

Almost nothing makes my blood race like the inside of an artist’s sketchbook. Although a Photoshop image in 8-bit mode may yield a whopping 16.8 million colors, rarely will it have the gravitas or emotional power of a hand drawing. Charcoal, with its expressive line, smudgy depths and moody shadows communicated directly from artist’s hand to paper, possesses a unique eloquence that requires no intervention from a computer.

Moss + Mineral is thrilled to present original drawings and limited-edition prints by Tacoma artist, Michael Kaniecki, opening Saturday, April 12, 1-5pm. A transplant from Moab, UT, Kaniecki is best known locally for a 40+ foot scroll painting he created at a vacant downtown bank building over the course of 3 months for Spaceworks Tacoma. The artist – as well as the art – was on public display for the duration.

"Nude" by Michael Kaniecki

“Nude” by Michael Kaniecki. Charcoal and conté crayon on paper.

Some of Kaniecki’s figure drawings have the nervous expressiveness of the works of early Viennese artists such as Egon Schiele; others take a more modernist angle. “I find the deep richness of charcoal on paper seductive” both for the artist and the viewer, he says. This show will include original figurative works, plus a limited-edition print series called “Creation Story” (the original set was was purchased for the permanent collection of the Grand County Library in Moab, UT). An abstract tour de force in four parts, “Creation Story” begins with an unsuppressed, almost explosive energy that evolves from a dense black cumulus (chaos) to the condition of duality, and finally, a cellular sense of order.

The bold juxtaposition of nudes and abstraction creates the powerful dynamism of this show.  ~ Lisa Kinoshita

Opening reception for Michael Kaniecki – Saturday, April 12, 1-5pm at Moss + Mineral, 305 South 9th Street in downtown Tacoma. For more information, call 253.961.5220.

  1. phil wagner

    Love it! Good energy. It’s our nature to interpret. When Mr. Kaneicki translates what he is seeing, he invents language and underscores the essence of being human.


  2. Susan Nelson

    Michael Kaneicki is a master of form. A beautiful show with many gems to be had or just appreciated for the viewing. Don’t miss it!


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