View from the Traver Gallery at First & Union in Seattle.

Room with a view: inside the Traver Gallery at First & Union in Seattle.

A gaping hole was left in the Tacoma art landscape when the Traver Gallery (and its retail glass shop, Vetri) closed its doors, in 2012. Situated right next door to the Museum of Glass, Traver (whose flagship space in Seattle was established more than 30 years earlier, by William Traver) was the gallery of “Dale”, “Lino”, and a full roster of studio glass and mixed-media artists of international renown.

Today, director Sarah Traver presides over the exhibitions at the downtown Seattle gallery with the incredible knowledge, zest (and Zen-like calm) that she was so admired for here. To spend time with this gallerist is to be treated to generous helpings of insight into the workings of art and artists. No surprise, then, that when a show combining two ongoing obsessions – art and gardens – began to take form in my head, Sarah was the first person I wanted to consult. A conversation, an energizing tea, inspiration dicing through an April mist – and suddenly summer looks insanely brighter…Thank you, Sarah!

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