IMG_1264Here’s our little patch of urban gardening heaven…The long-awaited City planters have gone gonzo with tomatoes, zucchini, mint, brussels sprouts, collard greens, sunflowers, lavender, peppers, lettuce (and 3 ears of corn). Bumblebees and honeybees have found their way to downtown Tacoma. So have pretty (destructive) white cabbage moths.





Moss + Mineral sits on a block filled with transitional housing. The neighborhood kids come over and help water; many adults come inside to talk about plants. The visual spectacle (and let’s be honest, growing food looks surreal in a society distanced from its agricultural roots) has been a source of great pleasure in recent weeks. Passersby will soon be free to pluck and nibble.

The inspiration behind this mini-garden is Los Angeles artist and neighborhood activist, Ron Finley (see his fiery/hilarious TED talk here). Please note: nobody has vandalized these pots in the heart of gritty downtown Tacoma.



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