A modern-day Gepetto: Jeremy Gregory with friend.

Jeremy Gregory is commandeering Moss + Mineral’s windows for Art at Work Month! M+M is proud to welcome this rising star in the world of puppetry with over 50 personally hand-crafted puppets in his collection, each with an idiosyncratic back story. His characters range from street urchins and skater kids to wizened misanthropes and imaginary clowns. We touched base with him today, as he prepared characters for the window-size drama.


No strings attached – Gregory’s skate puppets.

“I was making a girl with a cork for a head, and it exploded!” he said. Undeterred, he quickly whipped up another one, “and it turned out better.”  A prolific painter and illustrator, Gregory has been named by Seattle-based City Arts Magazine as “Tacoma’s Top Comic Artist”. Recent projects include a stop-motion short film, “Little Big Deal”, with Brian Parker; and a mural in Brooklyn.

His window installation will gradually morph and develop over the month of October, reaching an eerie crescendo around Halloween. Look for more unsettling characters, with or without heads…


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