Moss + Mineral is sparkling star-bright this season with artisanal jewels by 4 area jewelers: Susan Connole, Regina Chang, Jennifer Lawrence Bennett, and yours truly. Talk about choices…These jewelers work in a wide range of materials sure to please the most discerning lover of wearable art on your list. You may have seen their work before in publications such as Seattle Magazine, Lucky, ELLE and Seattle Metropolitan – we’d love you to see it for real at our Holiday Open House on Thursday, Sept. 18, 5-8pm.

"Ginkgo" by Susan Connole.

“Ginkgo” suede necklace by Susan Connole.

Susan Connole – Super-soft suede is one of this textile artist’s preferred mediums, which she handcuts into marvelous garlands that are smooth on one side, napped on the other. Sometimes she plays up the contrast by adding a soft metallic shimmer to the leather’s smooth side. Connole draws inspiration from the botanical gardens at the Ballard Locks, where she is an archivist. The necklaces come in many colors; I love wearing them in layers. The artist has also brought in new round kimono brooches made from vintage fabric – they add a graphic punch to the simplest outfits.

Mica and sterling silver earrings by Jennifer Lawrence Bennett. Photo courtesy of the artist

Mica and sterling silver earrings by Jennifer Lawrence Bennett. Artist photo

Jennifer Lawrence Bennett – If you love modern metal jewelry, take time to pore over Bennett’s stunning – and amazingly varied – sculptural designs. She has developed her own technique for weaving wire into lighter-than-air 3-D forms, and she also creates jewelry with a clean, simple aesthetic – natural mica set into sterling silver earring bezels is a favorite.


Hammered-metal pendants by Regina Chang. Artist photo

Regina Chang – This artist has claimed Seattle Magazine honors as “Best Jeweler In Seattle”, and it’s easy to see why. Chang has an amazing eye for color and unusual stone combinations that she links with her hand-hammered connectors and beautiful chains. She brings a sculptor’s eye to compositions that are much admired by jewelry collectors.

Blown glass, wood, hemp and Brazilian geode necklace by Lisa Kinoshita.

Blown glass, wood, hemp and geode necklace by Lisa Kinoshita.

Lisa Kinoshita – Move over, pearls and gems, I’m taking on kangaroo leather now! And turned wood. And I can’t wait to refocus my energies toward jewelry in 2015! Historical influences of the cowboys and vaqueros have captivated me for the past two years, and there’s nothing I like better than being covered with a fine coating of wood dust at the end of the day. You can check out my work at M+M, the Tacoma Art Museum Store, KOBO, and SAM Shop at the Seattle Art Museum.

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