“Captain Copyright” belt buckle (front and back) by Matthew Coté. Photos: Amanda Umberger

Please join us at an opening reception for Matthew Coté this Saturday, 3-7pm at Moss + Mineral (305 S. 9th, Tacoma). It’s thrilling to discover the work of an artist you sense is a game-changer – even more so when he asks you to introduce his new series of work to the public eye. Coté is just such an artist, a young metalsmith who tells noir stories of Tacoma history in jewelry form in this show, “The Hidden Agenda”. Coté crafted the pieces in “Hidden Agenda” with support from a 2015 Tacoma Artists Initiative Program grant. Plans for the show were already in motion before he learned he was awarded the sole slot  open in the masters program at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, this fall. A shortened timeline meant that he would be fleshing out seven intricate narrative pieces – articulating ideas on pop culture to politics – at the rate of one every two weeks, while working two jobs and preparing to move cross-country. Mission accomplished! Coté’s constructed pieces and engraved enamels are marked by their technical mastery combined with dark, complex narratives, and a sure eye for color. Please join us in congratulating Matthew this Saturday! Show runs through Sept. 19, 2015.

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