Directions to artworks in “TACOMA FOOD FOREST: Art, Edibles + Sustainable Culture, an art show in Swan Creek Park (E.42nd St. and E. Roosevelt)! The show opened Saturday, a new map is on the way, in the meantime, below are directions to 16 works.

First things first – to get to the food forest, take the entrance from Portland Ave., not Pioneer Way. From Portland Ave., enter the entrance to Salishan at East 44th St. Drive east until you reach E.Roosevelt, take a left and drive 2 blocks to East 42nd. Entrance on the right. (Never seen the Salishan neighborhood? It’s a shining example of urban renewal on Tacoma’s Eastside, and a nationwide model for mixed-income housing. But that’s another story…)
In front of the parking lot there is a gazebo to the left, a huge community garden in the center, the food forest (1 acre) adjacent to the right, and beyond that the giant 370+ acre park. You will see an old asphalt road at the right leading into the wilderness; watch for green arrows and stencils on the road leading from the parking lot to the main area of installations. But first, check out these 4 by the parking lot:
Kate Cendajas carrots to the left of the gazebo.
Cat Grey’s minimalist sun orb in the community garden
Tim + April Norris woven artwork on the left side of the community garden fence
Miranda Pollitz woven work amidst the trees in the food forest directly to the right of the garden (it’s by a cluster of cut tree stumps that also serve as seating)
Most of the installations are on the main “road” that leads from the parking lot into the forest. There is signage, but you will have to walk on the Canyon Rim Trail to see 3 works (I suggest searching for these 3 after going the distance, and on the way back to the parking lot). There is also a fantastic ravine under that trail, hard to see for the summer foliage, that is well worth hiking down. At the bottom is Swan Creek, a wild salmon stream; there are no installations there so as not to disturb the fish.
NOTE: On the asphalt road, at the first true intersection from the parking lot, ignore the green arrow pointing to the right – yes, it leads to one more work (mine), but it’s a long walk and most of the art is on the main road, so don’t divert your path. Another way to get to it is described below.
Two more works – staying on the main road, continue to the end and take a right; the scenery will open onto a meadow. Walk about 1/4 mile and you’ll see Beth Gahan’s wonderful grove of colorfully wrapped trees, and beyond that, Gabriel Brown’s installation on a stately burnt tree. After that, the road says END. Turn back, and when you’re back on the main road, go into the Canyon Rim Trail to see the previously described 3 works. At the intersection with the previously ignored arrow, if you turn left, then take the first right, then the first left at the tire barrier, you will find my piece after about 1/4 mile. (Below: work in progress, “Tunnel” by Lisa Kinoshita)

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