“Immigrant” by Lisa Kinoshita

“The West”, an exhibition by S. Surface and Lisa Kinoshita, got a starred review in The Stranger! Runs through May 27 at SOIL, Seattle.

112 Third Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Hours: Thurs-Sun

Recommended by Emily Pothast

“For many city dwellers, the realities of life in rural America are an impenetrable mystery. Not so for S. Surface and Lisa Kinoshita, both Japanese American artists raised in Tacoma. For more than a decade, both artists have used photography and sculpture to capture their lived histories both in and relative to the American West. S. Surface’s photographs of bulls, bloody bruises, and dive-bar neon signs document the artist’s five-year stint as a competitive bull rider. While Lisa Kinoshita’s metalsmithing, leatherwork, and mixed-media sculpture reflect the interplay between social and natural history (and include a collaboration made with prison inmates in Montana).”


Photograph by S. Surface

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