15tamonthforfbOCTOBER IS TACOMA ARTS MONTH! Moss + Mineral will be open Sat., Oct. 17, for the open-studio tour featuring painter Cathy Sarkowsky, ace metalsmith Matthew Coté and yours truly! October marks the 14th anniversary of Art at Work Month – a community celebration of the arts that includes hundreds of community-hosted arts and culture events, exhibits, and workshops for all ages. The festival includes music, theater and dance performances; visual art exhibits; film screenings; literary readings; lectures; cultural events; and hands-on workshops. All events are open to the public and many activities are free. Check out the lineup at TacomaArtsMonth.com.

Updates and news coming soon! ~Lisa

“Captain Copyright” belt buckle (front and back) by Matthew Coté

It’s thrilling to discover the work of an artist you sense is a game-changer – even more so when he asks you to introduce his new series of work to the public eye. Matthew Coté is just such an artist, a young metalsmith who tells noir stories of Tacoma history in jewelry form. His show,“Hidden Agenda” is being extended at M+M through Oct. 17, 2015! Coté produced “Hidden Agenda” with support from a Tacoma Artists Initiative Program grant. Plans for the show were in motion before he learned he was awarded the sole slot available and a full scholarship for the masters program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, this fall. A shortened timeline dictated that he would be fleshing out seven intricate narrative pieces – articulating ideas on pop culture to politics – at the rate of one every two weeks, while working two jobs and preparing to move cross-country. Good news: he survived! Coté’s engraved enamels are marked by their technical mastery combined with dark, complex narratives, and a sure eye for color.

 * * * * *

Surge Poster-4For the past month, I’ve been working on a collaborative installation with Barbara De Pirro for the Surge Festival, Museum of Northwest Art, Sept. 26-27. This exhibition, curated by Barbara Miller, brings together artists and environmental researchers in exploring the effects of climate change on coastal communities and ecology. Needless to say, this summer’s record-breaking heat and wildfires created a sense of immediacy as we whacked, stacked and drilled piles of wood for our project. It was our privilege to consult with Dr. Greg Hood and Dr. Dave Peterson of the Skagit Science Climate Consortium about estuarine wildlife and ecology – they provided in-depth information and even levity to the grim news coming from eastern Washington, day after day.

Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?


Work in progress by Barbara De Pirro and Lisa Kinoshita.

  1. Lisa Hudson

    Lisa, I wish I could be on that coast for your event! We need to touch base, my website is up and I would like to talk about a collaboration! Be in touch soon…..Good luck with the opening!


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