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Botanical photos: John Almeda.

“Desert Reliquary” by Lisa Kinoshita. Botanical photos: Jon Almeda.


M+M was recently invited to design botanical arrangements for the Georgia O’Keeffe opening at Tacoma Art Museum. For this project, I dug into my collection of animal bones, arid plants, geodes, fossils, and bullet-ridden tins (gathered from the New Mexico desert) that reference O’Keeffe’s paintings. A small, potted vibernum tree – much like a blooming, bonsai apple tree – added sprightly freshness to the mix.

For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with fast-moving events at TAM, in November, the museum unwrapped a special gift, a world-class collection of Western art from German philanthropists, Erivan and Helga Haub and family. This major contribution to the cultural life of the region is housed in a new wing designed for it, a $15.5 million expansion of the original Antoine Predock building by award-winning Seattle architect, Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig.

A faceted sculptural work by Julie Speidel adds wow to TAM's garage entrance.

A Julie Speidel sculpture adds wow to TAM’s lower level.

The Western art collection, ranked among the finest in the country, includes works by George Catlin, John Mix Stanley, Thomas Moran, Frederic Remington, and Georgia O’Keeffe. Contemporary Native American artists including William Acheff and Kevin Red Star will be represented, injecting an important historical dimension to this collection.

In other news, the Tacoma City Council has cleared the way for fundraising to bring a stadium-size flower to the roof of the T-Dome – an Andy Warhol flower commissioned by the city years ago but never implemented. Creative funding and crowdsourcing may yet make T-town the owner of the world’s largest Andy Warhol.

Mid-century cool. Leather swivel chair and teak side table.

Mid-century cool. Leather swivel chair and teak side table.

Meanwhile at M+M, our current room vignette is about mid-century cool, exemplified by a powerful, thickly-encrusted portrait painting by Ohm-Cederberg. This painting is an amazing find with a story to be recounted here soon. Check out our new mid-century walnut hutch perfect for displaying the odd collection, swank leather swivel chairs updated with low-profile styling, and juicy-colored ceramics by acclaimed Seattle studio, KriKri.

Agate, blown glass and sterling necklace by Lisa Kinoshita

Agate, blown glass and sterling necklace by Lisa Kinoshita

On the jewelry front – congratulations to Matthew Coté, one of the most talented metalsmiths I have had the pleasure of knowing, on being accepted into the masters program at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. Matthew was awarded the sole slot the university offered this year. He has also received a Tacoma Artists Initiative Program grant to work on a show that he is developing for Moss + Mineral this summer; plus, private funding to supplement all of the above. This young, wildly talented artist is a creator of immaculately detailed jewelry pieces that articulate his ideas on pop culture to politics. Just a few years ago, we became acquainted when he was working at Old Navy and the post office to support his studies(!). Now, he creates engraved enamels that are causing a stir with their technical beauty and intelligent narrative. We can’t wait to see the work he produces in the coming months.

Fans of Seattle artist Susan Connole will be glad to know her made-to-layer, hand-cut suede necklaces (based on plants found in the Ballard Locks botanical gardens) have arrived at the store. And I’m breaking out new jewelry for spring, now at the Tacoma Art Museum and Seattle Art Museum stores. Make a stop at M+M soon and check out what’s new!

"Georgia On My Mind" by Lisa Kinoshita. Photo: John Almeda

“Georgia On My Mind” by Lisa Kinoshita. Photo: Jon Almeda

All content – Copyright 2013 by Lisa Kinoshita

  1. Lisa Hudson

    Lisa, I wish I could be on that coast for your event! We need to touch base, my website is up and I would like to talk about a collaboration! Be in touch soon…..Good luck with the opening!


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