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“Spine Lamp” by Robert Zinkevich

Tacoma has more than its share of unusual, and unusually alluring, art spaces – Seymour Conservatory, Karpeles Manuscript Museum, the century-old downtown post office, and the retro Woolworth Windows, to name a few. But for sheer charisma, the Foss Waterway Seaport Museum (705 Dock St.) on Tacoma’s working waterfront has few peers.  On July 16, a unique new exhibition opened behind the three-story-high glass facade: WUNDERKAMMER: Artifacts, False Memories and Projections.

Foss Waterway Seaport, a vintage warehouse revitalized by Olson-Kundig Architects. Courtesy photo

Foss Waterway Seaport, a vintage warehouse revitalized by Olson-Kundig Architects. Courtesy photo

Illustration: Jessica Spring

Illustration: Jessica Spring

The Renaissance wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities, was a gallery of natural specimens, cultural artifacts, scientific instruments, anthropological objects, and unclassifiable oddities first collected by seafaring explorers for European royalty. Such collections, distant precursors to today’s museums, were compendiums of fascinating objects both real and fake. Whether genuine or not, the objects served to stimulate the spirit of inquiry and adventure in the human imagination. Inspired by the wunderkammer, this exhibition embeds select contemporary artworks with objects in the Seaport’s permanent collections, while presenting others in a gallery setting. Some of the region’s foremost artists in glass, video, ceramics, and mixed media present work to delight and confound viewers, and suggest a collection of curiosities for the digital age.


Artwork by Renee Adams

Renee Adams
David Blakesley
Alice Di Certo/Kyle Dillehay
Marc Dombrosky/Shannon Eakins
Justin Gibbens
Chuck Iffland
Steve Jensen
Alexander Keyes
Lisa Kinoshita
Nicholas Nyland
Jenny Pohlman/Sabrina Knowles
Holly Senn
Jessica Spring
Brent Watanabe
Mishele Dupree Winter
Robert Zinkevich

The museum is at 705 Dock Street, just down the road from the Museum of Glass. Show runs through August 30. Hours and visitor info at ~Lisa Kinoshita, Guest Curator

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“Captain Copyright” belt buckle (front and back) by Matthew Coté

It’s thrilling to discover the work of an artist you sense is a game-changer – even more so when he asks you to introduce his new series of work to the public eye. Matthew Coté is just such an artist, a young metalsmith who tells noir stories of Tacoma history in jewelry form in “Hidden Agenda”, opening July 25, 3-7pm at Moss + Mineral. Coté crafted the pieces in “Hidden Agenda” with support from a 2015 Tacoma Artists Initiative Program grant. Plans for the show were already in motion before he learned he was awarded the sole slot available in the masters program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, this fall. A shortened timeline dictated that he would be fleshing out seven intricate narrative pieces – articulating ideas on pop culture to politics – at the rate of one every two weeks, while working two jobs and preparing to move cross-country. Mission accomplished! Coté’s engraved enamels are marked by their technical mastery combined with dark, complex narratives, and a sure eye for color. Please join us in congratulating Matthew, July 25! Show runs through Sept. 19, 2015.

Website: Copyright 2013 by Lisa Kinoshita. All rights reserved.

  1. Lisa Hudson

    Lisa, I wish I could be on that coast for your event! We need to touch base, my website is up and I would like to talk about a collaboration! Be in touch soon…..Good luck with the opening!


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